THE NORTH WEST ALLIANCE



Originally the North west alliance was just the Dragons and the Devils Disciples. Both clubs wearing a front patch that was the wheel from the Dragons Patch, with the Disciples death head in the middle and the words North West Alliance around it. The North West rocker was adopted when the Sons joined. The Henchmen flew North West for a while but changed to North Wales some time later. That's a new North West rocker you can see on the Henchmen patches in the picture above. There's also Sons, Dragons, Disciples and friends of the alliance at the time, the Chosen Few from Staffordshire in the picture.


Actually the Sons of Hell were the new boys out of the four clubs, having formed in 1970. The first to form was the Devils Disciples in 1965, then the Dragons in 1967, followed by the Henchmen in 1969. Having said that, the Dragons were a group of friends who began riding together in 1957, and had already been together for ten years before they put up a back patch. The name Dragons also comes from 1957 as one of their members used to work on a funfair ride called the 'dragon' at Belle Vue, which was a Theme Park that all Mancunians of a certain age will remember well. He had the word Dragon painted on the back of his leather jacket, so he and his mates became known as the Dragons by their fellow 'rockers' around Manchester.

The picture above is of the Devils Disciples and the Dragons leaving an early meeting of the Alliance, the first of which was in 1968, also present at the first meeting was a club called the Vikings 'West Coast' who were based in and around the Lancaster/Morecambe area (no connection to Manchesters Animal Vikings). They attended a couple of meetings but soon backed out and disappeared from history, as did most of the other back patch clubs who were around the North West at that time.

AQUILLAS (latin for Eagles) - Chester.

EAGLES - Stalybridge Manchester.


ONE PERCENTS - Manchester.

GYPSY HAWKS - North Wales.

COFFIN CHEATERS - Oldham Manchester.

COMMANCHEROS - Oldham Manchester.

EL DIABLOS - Droylsden Manchester.

ROAD RATS - Stockport.

To name but a few of the gone and mostly forgotten. There was also an assortment of independent Hells Angels, but they, like the above listed, had all gone by the mid 70s. The Dragons survived well into the 80s, possibly even the early 90s? The clubs from the early days that survived and are still alive and well today are -------------

SONS OF HELL - Manchester.


WARLORDS who are now SATANS SLAVES Manchester. 

HENCHMEN who are now OUTLAWS North Wales.

The original idea behind an alliance of North West clubs at that time, was as a defence against the perceived threat from the southern based Hells Angels, and as the majority of the above mentioned clubs were flying 'red on white' there was reason enough for the 'chartered' Angel clubs to be pissed off. As it was most of the clubs managed to break up without any help from anybody.

I should point out that while the Warlords/Satans Slaves have for most of the time been friends, they have never had any connection with the Alliance.

                        DRAGONS early 70s.


BUSROCKERS ?!*??  A club with no bikes

For a while way back when, there was a back patch club based in the Wythenshaw area of Manchester, called the Busrockers. Their colours were a Busrockers top rocker, no bottom rocker, and the Deaths head was a bus conductors cap with a Swastika on it. At the weekend they would all pile onto a bus from Wythenshaw and go to the bus station in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre, then wander around until they spotted a bus going to somewhere they liked the sound of. Once at their chosen destination, they'd find a pub to go to and set about some serious drinking. Then, toward the end of the night, they would 'kick off' in the pub, and fight with anyone who happened to be there, then they'd all run off in time to catch the last bus back. At a meeting one night between the Dragons and the Disciples, the Busrockers came up in conversation, and one of the Dragons asked what their colours looked like? "They look like this" came the reply from one of the Disciples, waving a set of Busrocker patches in the air. And so it was, that the Busrockers disappeared into a much deserved oblivion.


TAFF. President of the Henchmen. I was a prospect when I first met Taff in 83, and when he came into the room I knew 'somebody' had arrived. I learned a lot from him over the next few years, and even though I had not seen or spoken to him since the early 90s, I was truly sorry to learn of his death this year. He had what I can only discribe as 'wisdom' and was without doubt one of the great 1%ers.


The gentleman on the far left of this picture is Thor, he was the President of the Devils Disciples. next to him is Geronimo. The other two are Dragons, facing the camera is Animal who was their President, and far right is Tommy. When the Dragons disbanded Tommy came to the Sons.

The Sons of Hell's alliance with the Devils Disciples began with violence, as it ended. The Sons had about five members when the Disciples invited them to a meeting, and told them all to come. Yorky and Beef didn't like the sound of that so they went on their own, and got beaten up for their trouble. Actually Beef took the brunt of it while Yorky got off relatively lightly. It must have earned them some respect though because they went on to become friends and join the alliance.

The relationship between the Sons and the Disciples went sour after both clubs came to blows in the 'Town Hall' pub in Eccles. The spark that lit that flame was a fight a few days before, between 'Smart' of the Warrington Sons, and 'Ned' of the Disciples. Fuck knows what they were fighting about and as Smart was there on his own we only got his side of the story. As it turned out his side of the story was not the truth, he claimed that other DDs had gotten involved which was not the case (full details in book) but a room full of Sons of Hell have never needed much of an excuse for a brawl, so off to the Town Hall it was. The Sons got there early and tucked themselves away in the back room until the Disciples arrived. As soon as they did the Sons came pouring out, and up it went. A fist fight is one thing, but when old friends start hitting each other with hammers and stuff, then there's no going back. Nobody was 'ripped' and both clubs carried on, but there's still bad feeling nearly twenty years later. The clubs association with the Henchmen ended when they joined the Outlaws in the early 90s. The Dragons had already called it a day by then so that was the end of the alliance.

Thor has since left the Disciples and is a welcome guest at the occasional party, and as far as I know Wolf is their only remaining member from the alliance days.


                         I'LL ADD SOME MORE TO THIS AS I GET IT.